Azure Daggers

Frog Boy Riots OR "Bloody" Hell!

Standing in the middle of the office with some sort of battle taking place outside, the three decide they should start earning their keep.

Lea, the Drow scout, runs out the side door leading to a small alley that Olnor just vacated, short bow at the ready. Svala, the human weapon master and Kettriken, an imposing goliath warden, both burst through the front door leading to the main square.

Lea sees a partly destroyed wagon full of what used to be wooden cages in the alley. Some Surveyors had been trying to unload some creatures they had captured into their holding and research building next door. Obviously things hadn’t gone so smoothly. Small humanoid frog men, Bullywugs, had burst out of their cages, grabbed some of the wooden bars to use as spears and were running amok in the town square, attacking anyone, townsfolk included, that got in their way in their dash for freedom.

A few of of the Bullywugs had unfortunately attacked and killed some of the shoppers and merchants before turning their attention to the armed party threatening them. One made a charging attack against Svala and got his spear straight through her side, bloodying her instantly. Kettriken stood her ground and cut that one down.
In the alley Lea was doing well plugging arrows into the back of some of the things trying to flee through into one of the main streets. As one of them jumped onto a passing cart, killed the drover and leapt away to get lost in the town she heard some commotion coming from the mostly destroyed cart behind her. Seeing no immediate threat but keeping the possibility in mind she snuck back to the side of the Surveyors’ building and took a look at what was happening in the main square.
Svala, Kettriken and Olnor were doing a good job of handling the rest of the things. Some were dispatched and a couple of them were bloodied. Lea decided it was time to reposition and headed out to take cover by a merchant’s stall.

Just then the small noises Lea had heard from the cart became suddenly louder until the whole thing burst apart in an explosion of wood, iron and what looked like… teeth!
A hideous thing the size of a man with three stout legs supporting a ball like main body, what looked to be around six to ten thrashing appendages, some with gruesome bloodshot eyes on the ends and some with fanged gnashing jaws. And the worst part, the majority of the body was simply a giant slobbering tooth filled mouth with a slathering tongue lashing about pulling anything that got within reach into it’s gaping maw.
Its many eyes looked around, saw Lea, Olnor and Kettriken, its stalks lingered a while on Svala as she stood holding her wound and its many mouths seemed to salivate even more for a moment. But then it spotted one of the bullywugs, down but not out on the ground between her and it. It scuttled very quickly to the profusely bleeding thing and started to eat it alive!
Within a couple of blinks the entire thing had been ripped apart and shoved into the things massive mouth by its huge, black tongue. As the last bit of flipper was licked from what could pass for its lips the eye stalks once again swiveled to rest on Svetlana.

Kettriken stood between Svala and the thing as Olnor and Lea came into position behind it. It was a fast and vicious battle but it ended decisively when Ketrriken made its horrible vertical grin even bigger with her longsword.

As they stood catching their breath and wiping the gore off their weapons Olnor said, “Well, it looks like you can handle yourselves well enough. That’s good. As you can see we’ve got our hands full out here. Those frog men are known as Bullywugs. They’ve taken over the swamp recently. And this thing here… I’ve seen one before. It’s known as a maw demon, for good reason. It’s not native to this world at all let alone this region. I have no idea what it could have been doing out here…”
He trails off as he looks around at the death of his fellow citizens in the square. Sighing heavily he says, “We’ll get this mess cleared up. You lot get to work now. Head out and talk with the people. Get your ears and eyes open for anything that might indicate trouble such as this. Go, be Surveyors.” He turns and walks towards some of the militia that have arrived too late too help, looking tired.

NEXT: Questions, Conflicts, Confusion? OR: “Hi, we’re, like, new here and stuff?”



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