Garret the Fetcher

Human scout


Garret is the son of a minor nobleman named Jerold gone to bad fortune, disgrace even, who left the city of Shadowdale after some nasty business involving a duel and large sums of money owed. All of Jerold’s holdings in the city were forfeit to pay his debts, so Garret’s father and mother left the city. They settled on a decrepit old family estate outside of Dagger Falls, close to the town of Hillsfar. Jerold leases most of the acreage out to farmers, thus earning a comfortable, though not extremely lucrative living. Basically, he’s land rich but cash poor.

Garret’s father and mother keep to themselves, not wanting to draw undo attention in case any peeved creditors come looking for them. They tend to drinking, and the local farmers call them “Lord and Lady Lush” behind their backs. No one in the area (but themselves) know their real titles (the titles were stripped from them during the disgraceful episode), or their surname (this is intentional, in case anyone heard about the events in the Shadowdale). Thus, Garret grew up with no last name other than the mocking name “Lush”.

Garret’s father trained him well in the art of dueling with rapier and main gauche. This kept the boy from any beatings by local bullies, and earned him respect during stick-and-dirt-clod-fights with other local boys. He has lots of friends among the locals where he grew up, but always felt the need to prove himself and do more. After all, he was the son of a nobleman growing up among peasants. Despite this fact, he is not arrogant and does not see himself as above the locals. Rather, he is grateful to grow up in a place where people are honest and true and humble, unlike the stories of the city that his father spouts off when he gets ripping drunk.

Garret developed a reputation while growing up for being able to find lost things. This was capped when at 16 he tracked and found safe a three year old child of one of the farmers on his parent’s land who had wandered off and come perilously close to a bog. After this, people started calling him “Fetcher”, or “Garret the Fetcher”.

As an adult, Garret became a respected tracker and wilderness guide in his local area. He earned a little money by tracking and finding loose cows, hunting deer and pigs in the woods, and shooting ducks and geese in the bogs. Additionally, he farmed a small plot on his parent’s land.

But this was not enough. By the time he was 26, Garret saw himself sinking into a tedious routine that he feared would become his life forever. Then one day, fortune smiled upon him. Olnor, an Azurite Surveyor, happened through Hillsfar, and Garret struck up a conversation with this extremely interesting person. After some talk and a short demonstration of Garret’s skills with a sword, Olnor invited Garret to Dagger Falls to join the Azurite Surveyors as an appraiser.

Garret the Fetcher

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