Azurite Surveyors

The Azurite Surveyors have branches in many settlements throughout Faerûn. They maintain hospices for housing and educating the spellscarred. Surveyor houses contain lore collections and teachers to educate the populace about plaguelands and the Spellplague. The houses are also bases for experts equipped to handle out-of-control spellscarred and plaguechanged creatures, usually without recompense.

For these reasons the order is often welcome and respected in a community.

Much of the order’s membership is made up of spellscarred people, but the service operations of the society accept nearly all capable volunteers. Since working with Spellplague manifestations is part of the order’s doctrine, the group’s higher echelons include more spellscarred members. Those inducted into the inner mysteries take the title associated with their Measure as well as other titles known as various Instrumentation.

The organization has a formal structure based upon two parallel levels of advancement.

•MEASURE is the the first level, denoting which echelon of the order one has been inducted into. The higher the measure the more trusted the particular surveyor is in terms of the inner workings of the overall organization.

The Measures are as follows in ascending order:


•GRADE is the second, synonymous with rank. The Grades are based upon various blue stones.
The Grades are as follows in ascending order:


A Surveyor of a given Grade may give orders to those of the same Measure but lesser Grade or any grade of a lesser Measure and reasonably expect them to be carried out.
Surveyors with the same Grade and Measure may give orders to each other but the expectation of obedience is rather somewhat more fuzzy. As a general rule in such a situation the default “tie breaker” is the examination of the Instrumentation of those involved. A very loose pecking order has been informally established within this third tier of the hierarchical structure. Sometimes the feelings of those involved will override such an informal structure. Usually in such instances an informal discussion will settle the matter. Other times more drastic and confrontational negotiations will take place.

•INSTRUMENTATION of a given Surveyor is loosely based upon his or her role in a given situation. This role is subject to change dynamically dependent upon the given situation Surveyors find themselves in. Sometimes this Instrumentation designation is formally declared, while other times it’s simply assumed. This is a case by case basis depending on the disposition of the ranking Surveyor present.

The various designations of Instrumentation are as follows in very rough ascending order:

Hachure – Laborer
Choropleth – Merchant
Meridian – Foot soldier
Azimuth – Ranged fighter (sling through artillery)
Theodolite – Stealth, espionage and obfuscation
Isopleth – Healer
Merstone – Divine
Alidade – Primal (druids, rangers, etc)
Cadastral – Warlord, paladin, etc
Tangent – Magic user
Chord – Commanding officers of combat / stealth / investigation teams. Could be any class.
Traverse – Diplomats, politicians, cell leaders, etc.

•OTHER TERMS notably used within the Azurite Surveyors are as follows:

Appraiser – A Surveyor unaffiliated with a Chain. Appraisers usually operate in small groups doing basic investigation work in the field. There are no formal naming conventions for Appraisal teams and many teams that work closely and often together will come up with their own, often rather colorful, names for themselves.

Chain – Elite force composed of exactly 100 members known individually as Links. It may be comprised of any mix of Instruments, Measures and Grades. The given name of a Chain is described by its Anchor Points, which may number two or more. The Anchors describe the area between and within which the named Chain operates.

Link – A single member of a given Chain.

Meander – A mission in which general information gathering, investigation or aid as needed is the goal.

Range – A specific mission undertaken by a Chain, Appraisal team or other outfit as deemed fit by ranking Grades in command.

Declination – The specific focus of a Range.

•OFFICIAL ORDER OF ADDRESS for those within the Azurite Surveyors is as follows:

Personal name
Instrumentation (if known)
Chain Anchors (if applicable)
Link number
Appraisal Team name (if applicable or known)

Garret the Fetcher
(Appraisal Team Name??)

Dagger Falls, Anathar’s Dell Chain
Link One

Azurite Surveyors

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