Dagger Falls

Dagger Falla is the de facto seat of government of Daggerdale.

Sitting just north of the namesake Dagger Falls on the Tesh River on the northern crossroads of Daggerdale it’s a bastion against many threats to it’s almost 2,000 inhabitants.
Most of that number don’t live within the walls of the town proper but are comprised of a large number of ranchers, farmers, traders and such that live in the outlying area around the town and crossroads.

Having been a mainstay of the evil organization of Zhentarim before the cataclysm and having subsequently thrown off the yolk of oppression the peoples of the area are steadfastly vigilant against threats to the happiness and well being of Dagger Falls.

The diplomatically elected (every five years) “leader” of the region, known as the Constable Elect, has the final say in matters of law. She has the final say as to the power of life or death when it comes to trials that go through a jury process. She commands the militia, known as The Fall’s Daggers. All religions and trade organizations as well as any other group wishing to do above board dealings within her prevue are subject to her scrutiny.

There is a Council of 12, elected by popular vote and not holding to any term limits, that handles much of the day to day business within the region. But it’s still subject to the final arbitration of the Constable.

For the better part of 100 years each of the elected Constables has been an absolutely upstanding paragon of Right and Good and Law for the region. As such, the people have little cause to doubt or question the decisions made by the constable, nor do they have reason to question the method of governance they have been born into.

The current Constable Elect is Yllissa Corvidae, a female gnome who’s known for her even handed and benevolent, yet firm handed, governance of the region.

The town proper holds a massive records vault that is the pride of the region. Contained within it’s halls are documents stretching far back before the time of the cataclysm. It is considered one of the prized treasures of the Dalelands and is protected more highly than the life of its leaders. It’s often sought out by scholars from around the continent despite the town’s relative precarious nature given the threats that surround it.

There are many taverns and temples within and without the walls of the town. Despite being such a backwater (or perhaps because of this) there is great tolerance for varying views on how one should live their own lives. So long as everyone plays nice with each other most things are permitted.

Underneath the town is an expansive series of tunnels and sewer pipes, many of which empty onto the cliffs outside the the falls. Many more lead deep underground and many are collapsed and suggest that the town is simply built upon an ancient city that was much more vast than currently shows. Who can say where many of these tunnels lead?

Dagger Falls

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