The Dalelands comprises several forested counties, called dales, scattered around the perimeter of the Cormanthor Forest. Although the dales share common traditions, cultural practices, and religious allegiances, the Dalelands is not a unified kingdom like Cormyr or Impiltur. The broad forest vales, separated by rolling farmlands, are interlinked by narrow trade roads through lush woods. The dales’ independent spirit and age-old alliance with the fey of Cormanthor are well known across most of Faerûn.

The de facto ruling seat of Daggerdale is the town of Dagger Falls.
The diplomatically elected (every five years) “leader” of the region, known as the Constable Elect, has the final say in matters of law. She has the final say as to the power of life or death when it comes to trials that go through a jury process. She commands the militia, known as The Fall’s Daggers. All religions and trade organizations as well as any other group wishing to do above board dealings within her prevue are subject to her scrutiny.

There is a Council of 12, elected by popular vote and not holding to any term limits, that handles much of the day to day business within the region. But it’s still subject to the final arbitration of the Constable.

For the better part of 100 years each of the elected Constables has been an absolutely upstanding paragon of Right and Good and Law for the region. As such, the people have little cause to doubt or question the decisions made by the constable, nor do they have reason to question the method of governance they have been born into.

The current Constable Elect is Yllissa Corvidae, a female gnome who’s known for her even handed and benevolent, yet firm handed, governance of the region.

The town of Tethyamarside is fast becoming a rival to Dagger Falls due to its closer association (through politics and simple geography) to the rest of the civilized region including, most importantly, Cormyr.
Though they have not officially elected any representatives nor officially challenged the “power” of Dagger Falls, Tethyamarside does retain a sort of “shadow” government that resembles and mimics that of Dagger Falls.
Officially, they abdicate major decisions to the Constable Elect in Dagger Falls though on a practical, day to day level they operate independently.

Currently this friction is at the level of a “friendly rivalry” though it could, at any moment, become more pressing.


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