Ruin Ride

The ancient road now known as the Ruin Ride is an old road indeed. It’s history dates back to well before the Cataclysm.

It was a road that connected the Dalelands with that of Cormyr in the south and the lands controlled by the Stewards of the Border Forest in the north. The ultimate destinations of the road within the Border Forest are lost to memory though the fact that Elven and Eladrin ruins line the road and get thicker the further one goes into the forest to the north give it its current name.

Aspects of the road can be found running through the Dagger Hills to the south into Cormyr. Within the more populated human lands of Daggerdale itself, most of the original road has either been lost or subjugated into more mundane purposes.

Along its length the road has fallen to disrepair. Despite this much of the magic and many of the wards set upon the road still exist in powerful aspects regardless of how apparent these may seem at first glance.

Ruin Ride

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