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Welcome to the Azure Daggers campaign!

The small bastion town of Dagger Falls sits at the Northern crossroads of Daggerdale. Since the Cataclysm it has been a holdout of free peoples trying to make due in a harsh, changed world.

A major force for good in the region, and throughout the continent of Faerûn, is the Azurite Surveyors. A benevolent organization whose main goals are to seek out and map areas of dangerous Spellplagued lands, give comfort and aid to those that have been disaffected by the strange workings of the spellplague and the dangerous creatures that often issue forth from it, and to train those that have been Spellscarred to live with and sometimes use their scars for good purposes.

The various party members have all been drawn to join this organization. They are effectively junior members of the Surveyors and are tasked with seeking out strange occurrences, troubled victims of the Spellplague and other oddities and report them to their superiors.

The story begins with the party in Dagger Falls talking to the local leader of the Azurite Surveyors cell stationed there….

Home Page

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